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Contest Rules

Our contest is run monthly and is for subscribers only.  Verification of an existing subscription is necessary to claim a prize.

Prizes vary from month to month.  Current prizes are listed in the newsletter on the first of each month.

Winners will be contacted by email.  Non-response by a subscriber at an email address, or an email address that is 'bouncing' at the time of prize notification will be considered as prize forfeiture. When contacted, winners will be asked to provide full name, address, age, and phone number.  This contest is open to individuals in the US only at this time.  We may support international entrants at a later date.

Winners must be at least 13 years of age to claim a prize, and will be asked to provide age verification upon notification of winning.  We are not responsible for the integrity of our subscribers when providing age information.

In the first issue of the month, the winner of the last month will be listed, along with the prize they claimed. A complete list of winners can be obtained by contacting the webmaster.
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